10 Trends in Snacks and Candy—2017 Edition

By September 6, 2017Food trends, Snack

While natural commands only 3% share of c-store dollar sales today, conventional products, which command a much larger piece of the pie, increased sales by just 1% last year. Those core snacking products will continue to command high sales volume, of course, but natural and better-for-you products’ 3% share is just the tip of the iceberg—a signal of opportunity, not to mention huge incremental sales growth potential.And their profile is growing. At the 2017 Sweets & Snacks Expo, a trade show geared toward the young at heart, chocolate lovers and the potato-and-corn-chip crowd, better-for-you snack brands were well represented. CSP editors took note of this trend, and several other related innovations, as they walked the aisles.

Source: 10 Trends in Snacks and Candy—2017 Edition | CSP Daily News