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By August 17, 2018Food trends

New year, new trends to try.

As we ring in 2018, many of us are thrilled to usher in a brand new start. And with that, an inevitable wave of fresh culinary crazes and tasty trends to roll out in the coming months.

To get you even more excited to dig into the year ahead, the Foodgōd team is sharing our top predictions for what’s to come in the world of food (and on social, of course). Look out for these ten delicious dining trends that we think will be all the rage in 2018. Happy eating!


Mazemen_photo via @jasoneats

Ramen without broth? What may sound strange to some is the next big thing in noodles. Known as “mazemen,” this Japanese-style ramen may be sans soup, but it’s loaded with flavor. Springy noods soaked in savory sauce are topped with plenty of classic ingredients such as roast pork, soft cooked eggs, mushrooms, green onions, ginger, and nori—all served in a bowl, just begging for you to dig in.


The new move to inject more deliciousness into food? Sauce-filled syringes. You may have seen flavor shots add something extra to cocktails (like bitters, syrups, and juice), but now restaurants and cafes are getting in on the squirt-your-own action. Soon you’ll see this saucy trend infusing everything from donuts and ice cream to oysters and steaks.


Hot pot_photo via @littlesheephotpot

Move over, Korean BBQ. Chinese hot pot is the latest way to enjoy Asian cuisine in a cook-it-yourself restaurant experience. Diners can choose their own ingredients (meats, seafood, veggies, dumplings, and more) to dip into a simmering cauldron of chili and spice-infused broths with varying levels of heat. Delicious and soup-er fun, this interactive, communal way to dine is rapidly gaining popularity across the globe.


Alternative sweeteners_photo via @nuttarinbrand

More and more people are seeking better ways to naturally sweeten their food without adding a crazy amount of calories. Syrups and granulated sugars made from dates, coconut, monk fruit, and various roots will continue to gain popularity as better alternatives to white sugar. Bonus: some alt sweeteners have added health benefits, too.


Root to stem_photo via @lornajane

Using entire fruits and vegetables—including stems, leaves, and parts uncommonly eaten—is the idea behind root-to-stem cooking. The need to reduce food waste and nose-to-tail butchery most likely inspired this “don’t discard” movement, which we expect to see more of by both restaurant chefs and home cooks.


Insta_friendly restaurants_photo via @pietronolita

Restaurants are being designed with a perfect ’gram-worthy dining experience in mind. Flattering lighting, kitschy décor, on-site props, and colorful bathrooms inviting you to #selfie to your heart’s content can be found at socially-savvy eateries including NYC’s Pietro Nolita (millennial pink overload) and soon-to-open Boston Chops, which will have a special Instagram table with adjustable, shadow-eliminating overhead lights.


Medicinal mushrooms_photo via @meghantelpner

Magic mushrooms (no, not that kind) are going mainstream in 2018. Fungi with healing properties—including chaga, reishi, and lion’s mane—are being added to foods for their rich, umami flavors and various medicinal benefits ranging from anti-stress and anti-inflammatory to energy boosting and detoxifying, among others.


Chef collabos_photo via @lamarsf

Chefs love to try new things and push the limits of creativity. We expect to see many more chef-driven mash-ups and creative collaborations within the industry in the year ahead—think limited-edition food items, temporary restaurants, special pop-ups, and more. Pile on the talent!


Vegetables reign supreme in the New Year. Due to overall health consciousness and economics, we’ll continue to see veggies evolve from supporting side dish to center stage. Expect more restaurants offering vegetarian-friendly options and tasty, veg-only menus that even the biggest carnivores will appreciate. Bring on the veg.


Cannabis cuisine_photo via @chefforhigher

Food culture will hit a high note in 2018. As more and more states legalize marijuana, the amount of pot-enhanced foods and experiences will escalate. Look out for this smokin’ hot trend, as cannabis-infused dinners, special culinary events, and snack foods (munchies?) with a little something extra are on the rise.

What trends are you most excited to try in 2018? We’d love to hear your thoughts — drop us a line at editors@foodgod.com.

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