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The 2020 consumer doesn’t want to compromise | Candy Industry

Irrespective of the evolving need states that consumers have – especially when it comes to…
Ethnic, International & fusion

Eastern Med’s Next Move | Flavor & The Menu

The South meets Eastern Med in this Fried Chicken Sandwich at Ēma in Chicago, served…
Flavour trends

Sprite Ginger: Classic lemon lime gets a touch of ginger spice | Food Sided

While that classic lemon lime flavor is refreshing, the new Sprite Ginger boosts the classic…

Are consumers seeking new flavor experiences? | Candy Industry

Three-quarters of global consumers say yes to discovering new flavors, Innova Market Insights finds. It’s…
Ethnic, International & fusion
Taste for XO sauce and West African suya spice | The Caterer
Flavour trends
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Flavour trends
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Flavour trends
Cardamom Momentum | Flavor & The Menu
Flavour trends
Mystery flavors, traditional tastes trending in 2020 | Food Business News
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Flavor Tracking: Where Are They Now? |
Netflix, Ben & Jerry’s scoop up new ice cream flavor, Netflix & Chilll’d | CNET
Flavour trends
2020 Top 10 Flavor Trends | Flavor & the Menu
Kit Kat’s New Raspberry Crème Flavor Will Be Your Love This Valentine’s Day | Better Homes & Gardens
Flavour trends
Reuben Sandwich-Flavored Pringles Are A Thing Now And People Are Kind Of Into It | Delish
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February 7, 2020

SCIENCE CONFIRMS that smelling rose improves quality of learning and sleep

A recent study has found that smelling the scent of rose improves the quality of learning experiences and can also help in sleeping better. So for Valentines day, giving a…
January 23, 2020

The Best January 2020 Flavour, Food & Beverage Trends

Spicy things continue to be a really ‘hot’ trend...consumers are really leaning towards different, broader — jalapeno, habanero, ghost pepper — and really want to understand the depth and the…
January 10, 2020

Flavour illusions

Both OPTICAL ILLUSIONS #1 & 2 (below) are great examples of how easily our sense of sight can be fooled. These images are static, thus devoid of any movement. However,…

Lemwi or Kimon?


Pineamelon or Waternapple?


Limed pear


Fried & toasted coconut


Coffee cola


Dragonapple flavour