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November 18, 2019

2020 Flavor Trends: A Comprehensive Overview

The Novotaste comprehensive overview of 2020 flavour trends is a distillation of various sources of information. This includes the analysis of thousands of articles, 2019 NPD launches, current trendy flavours,…
Flavour trendsNOVOflavours
October 29, 2019

Trendy, Deconstructed & Reformulated Christmas Flavour Favourites | 2019

For this upcoming Christmas season, the Novotaste flavour team was inspired to do something a little different. Due to the increasing culinary trend of deconstructing recipes or dishes, we decided…
Flavour trendsNOVOflavours
October 24, 2019

Halloween-inspired flavours

To celebrate Halloween, the Novotaste flavour team has created 6 unique flavour profiles described below. Some of these are haunted variations of classic favourites, while others are  original creations. They…

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Lemwi or Kimon?


Pineamelon or Waternapple?


Limed pear


Fried & toasted coconut


Coffee cola


Dragonapple flavour